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You spend a third of your life asleep—if you’re lucky.

You never quite realize how sweet it is, just to lay down,


                close your eyes,


                          and quietly,




                                          drift off to sleep.


That is, until you can’t do it anymore.

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In addition to feeling awesome, a good night’s sleep is important for everyday functioning.

It makes it easier to pay attention, it puts you in a better mood, and it even protects you from getting sick.


Not that I have to tell you what you’re missing! Perhaps you've had a sudden onset of sleep problems that have left you scratching your head and rubbing your eyes. Or perhaps your problems are more chronic—you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and have begun to wonder who you ticked off in a previous life.

Either way, it’s high time we get you back to your splendidly sleeping self. 

My method involves developing sleep goals that are personally tailored to fit your specific needs. We attack your sleep problems and daytime fatigue from multiple angles to get you sleeping deeper and waking up feeling rested and restored. In addition, I use empirically-based methods such as Stimulus Control for Insomnia for a customized approach informed by science.

So let’s get you sleeping good.


Like, real good. Wake-up-with-pillow-wrinkles-indented-on-your-cheek good. 

For an idea on pricing, check out the menu below.


This is a single 1-hour phone session for basic sleep tips and

one-on-one support.


Can also be booked multiple times as needed.



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