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You already know how powerful your dreams are.

They've given you profound insight during times of uncertainty.


They've provided comfort in times of turmoil.

And there have been times where your dreams have been just a little too spot on. 


They've even kind of predicted the future.

All these are signs of your innate intuitive nature.

You have an inner wisdom inside you that often takes you by surprise. Sometimes you may even think, "Now how could I have known that?"

Imagine being so in tune with your inner guide that those little signs and synchronicities are commonplace.

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Imagine what you could accomplish if you were to harness this power to its full potential.

This is the power of dreamwork. The goal is not to make you more intuitive, but rather to uncover the profound intuitive wisdom that already guides you.

During this 8-week coaching program, I work directly with you to get you dreaming more, having more vivid dreams, and using your dreams to navigate your life.

Are you ready to Dream Brave?

We meet 1 to 2 times per week to get you dreaming more, immerse you in your dream world, and train you to gain insight from your own dreams.