You're sick and tired

of being sick and tired.

Why is it that everyone else seems to have boundless energy while you're subsisting on scraps?

You're doing everything you can--eating the right foods, doing the yoga, drinking the water, taking the supplements--but it's just never enough.

Are you managing your illness, or is your illness is managing you?

You're ready to try something different.

You're ready to be healed.

You just don't know how to do it yet...

In this 8-week emotional exploration program, we use our dream world to align with our own inner wisdom for deep healing.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, body image issues,

mystery symptoms or chronic illness, join us as we learn to listen to

the messages our bodies are sending us.

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Gain clarity around:

  • What your symptoms really mean

  • How to have limitless energy and freedom from your symptoms

  • How to tap into your innate healing power

  • Aligning with your inner wisdom and purpose

  • Getting your body to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you

You deserve to make friends with your body.

You deserve to feel at home.

Welcome home...

                                    to yourself.


An online group program to get you feeling connected to

your inner wisdom for deep healing.

Next launch: July 14, 2020


Pay in full $547

Payment plan 2 installments of $294

Early bird pricing through June 24 $497

Sign up with a friend for 10% off!


•    Single 1:1 session to start

•    Eight weekly group calls

•    Daily Voxer access Monday through Friday

•    Facebook group membership

•    Accountability partners

•    Manuals, worksheets, access to videos, loads of techniques you can use forever!

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