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You know your dreams are magical.

You used to be fascinated with dreams when you were younger, remember? We all were.


This is because as children we know there’s something special about the dream world.

In the dream world, the logic and limitations that govern this reality don’t exist.

It is a world in which anything in possible.


And at the same time, it is a world that belongs entirely to you. The result is deep and profound insight into what you find meaningful and important.

In other words, dreams teach us about ourselves.

What are your dreams trying to teach you? Let’s find out together.


Perhaps you have a single dream you’ve been trying to work out and need a little guidance. Or maybe you already know the power of your dreams, and would like to become fluent in Your Dream Language to help you better understand yourself. Maybe you want to use your dreams to remove barriers keeping you from realizing your full potential.


These are all ways I help you reconnect to the wonder and wisdom of your dream world.


Check out the options below or send me an email to get started.



Do you have questions about dreams that Google just can't answer? Then this 30-minute mini session is for you. Learn tools for dreaming and interpretation, as well as using dreams to bring a little more magic to your life. 




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