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Participating in my coaching services and communication via, email, and otherwise means you acknowledge I am not a licensed psychologist or healthcare professional and my services are not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care. Diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is for a licensed clinical psychologist, not a Coach. If your problems are severe enough to interfere with your ability to function, you are therefore advised to seek help from a licensed professional. 


I will do my best to provide you with best-fit suggestions and potential solutions to help you reach your goals as you communicate them to me. However, these suggestions are expressions of opinion, and I do not assume any responsibility for the actions or decisions you make as a result. The actions you take and the consequences thereof are entirely your own. While I will always exercise best practices, I cannot guarantee the outcome of my coaching services or the advice provided via email or on my website. My only guarantee is that I will provide the services as described.

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