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You have an amazing superpower: The power of dreams. 

That’s right. By simply closing your eyes, you can make magic happen.


I’m not just talking about the dreams you have at night. I’m talking about realizing your bravest hopes and most hidden desires. I’m talking about tapping into the power of human brain when allowed to unfold without limitations and logic. I’m talking about channeling your subconscious—and the imagination, creativity, and ingenuity coursing through it—to move mountains.


Dream work is so much more than dreams.

Don’t let those online dream dictionaries fool you; YOU are the expert on your own dreams. The key to harnessing this power lies in becoming fluent in Your Dream Language. What symbols does your brain use to communicate with you? What do those symbols mean within the context of your entire life experience and the memories therein? Learning this system, and using it to navigate your life, allows you to commune with parts of yourself in ways you never thought were possible. 


No longer a foreigner in this strange life, learning Your Dream Language empowers you to be an Ambassador to your own intuition. 

Learning Your Dream Language is like coming home to yourself.

This is where our work begins. Your journey home starts with being brave enough to dream big. Are you ready?



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I am Natalie Bryant, your personal Dream Coach. I’m here to help you learn Your Dream Language, and become an ambassador to your own inner world.

I've personally learned to cope with the uncertainty that life throws my way by drawing on my inner wisdom. I earned my doctorate in psychology with a specialization in sleep and memory. I chose this field because of my own experience with dreams as one of many ways our intuition breaks through to guide us on our path. Our "inner guide" has tons of tricks up its sleeve to get our attention and orient us toward fulfilling our goals, values, and needs.


The key is cleaning the junk out of your metaphorical ears and learning to listen.


Drawing on my scientific background, I guide you on a journey of self-discovery unlike anything you’ve ever done. We will delve into how your brain creates and navigates reality itself. You will learn to listen to your own inner wisdom and trust yourself on the deepest level. You will build a relationship with yourself that is so strong and so rooted in truth that your self-confidence is unshakeable.


This is what I want to share with you. By helping you get better, more restful sleep, and by training you to use dreams as a tool to approach challenges in your waking life, I know we can get you on track toward living your dream.

Together, we are going to carpe the heck out of that dream.


"As someone who considers themselves a high performer, committed to expanding into higher levels of consciousness, I approached Natalie to help me understand why I was having negative dreams. Working with Natalie helped me to understand the relationship between my waking state and the dream state which enabled me to (almost immediately) shift the perception I had around my dreams, enabling me to more effectively utilise the meaning within my dreams. Life changing. Thanks Natalie."

—  Troy H., Tech Founder & CEO

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